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Setting up WorldPainter

In order to generate caves and prevent excessive ores, a few manual settings in WorldPainter must be completed.
  • Open WorldPainter
  • Click “Edit” and select “Preferences
  • Switch to the “Defaults” tab and align your settings to the below screenshot:
TIles 'Defaults' settings for WorldPainter
  • Open "Configure default border, terrain, and layer settings"
  • Align your settings to the below screenshot:
General Page
  • alignSwitch to the “Caves, Caverns and Chasms” tab and deactivate: “Caves everywhere”, “Caverns everywhere” and “Chasms everywhere”. This will fix cave generation for the map. Make sure your settings align with the screenshot
Lastly, switch to the "Other Layers" and disable all settings.
  • Press “OK” to save the settings.

Now you can create Tiles with the correct export settings. The reason why we have to do this manually is that the custom script cannot be programmed to do so.

Assigning more RAM to WorldPainter

Sometimes WorldPainter does not allocate
Go to the installation folder of WorldPainter (most likely C:\Program Files\WorldPainter) and open the file: "wpscript.vmoptions" with a text editor.
Add the following line at the end of the file:
Instead of 16, you should enter the amount of RAM you have installed in your computer (minus a little bit, for example, 14G, when you have 16GB installed). Never allocate too much memory—your system still needs some to function!