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Here you can find the starting information for Minecraft Earth Tiles.

Minecraft Earth Tiles

is a Windows program created by Matti Borchers that allows anyone to create any region of the Earth in Minecraft at different scales based on their own selections.

Here is Matti Borchers’ official explanation:

“The idea was to create smaller parts of the world, like continents, countries or just small islands. I am doing this by splitting the earth in different parts, called “Tiles”. Each Tile has a dimension of 1° latitude and 1° longitude, making a total of 64800 Tiles for the whole planet.”
There are many features that this program offers and we will be providing information about every setting in this documentation.
Minecraft Earth Tiles is created by Matti Borchers and uses many open source projects!
Consumer Notices:
Failure to follow steps may result in the program not working! Support will less likely be offered if you do not double-check your installation, as this program is extremely experimental and has many factors that can cause failure. Do not be discouraged! The results are beautiful!
The Tiles program regularly goes through enhancements and may sometimes function improperly! Please make sure to check the Earth Map Discord for updates. Help is also available here and provided by those volunteering their time. Please be patient, most of us have full-time jobs or studying!
Old Outdated Slides Presentation: LINK