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Installing Minecraft Earth Tiles

Described here will be how to download the actual Tiles program.
"When will Minecraft 1.20 be supported?"
Earth Tiles for Minecraft 1.20 will be available a bit after WorldPainter for 1.20 becomes available. Matti will need to add the new Cherry Blossoms and configure other miscellaneous settings to properly adjust the program. All maps exportable via Earth Tiles are compatible with any newer version, using the upgrade script:How can I upgrade a map to a newer version?

Downloading Minecraft Earth Tiles

Step 1: Create a folder where you would like the Tiles program to be stored.

It is suggested to do this on your drive with the most storage.
The Full Version can be found on Discord by buying Supporter. Refer to the Paid Version section on how to buy.

Step 2. Download them here:

Please make sure to extract the folder into your newly created Tiles folder.

The file will be a zip folder labeled as the following:

Demo Version:
Full Version (Found in Discord for Supporters):
It should look like this: (The Demo version has the *.exe labeled slightly differently but will work the same)
Files inside your Tile folder directory.