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Generating an Earth Tiles Map

The steps below will review the process regarding the generation of an Earth Tiles Map.
This page is still under construction and is in no way complete!
  1. 1.
    Begin by opening the Minecraft Earth Tiles Program. You will be presented with the following interface below:
Minecraft Earth Tiles Interface
  1. 2.
    To configure the settings for your map and Earth Tiles, click the
    button. If you have not already, review the configuration beginning at Folder and Path Settings. Continue once this is complete.

Selecting Tiles

  1. 1.
    Start by opening the Tile Section menu by clicking the
    button. The below interface will open: Minecraft Earth Tiles Selection. The below screenshot is marked and colored for your convenience. Make sure your scale has been selected before opening this window.
Minecraft Earth Tiles Single Selection
  1. 2.
    Selecting the Tiles which will be generated for your map is easy to do. After hovering over a location with the visible green square, left-click to select the Tile, as visible in the top-left corner. Optionally, you can select a whole region by placing your first corner and shift-left-clicking in the second location.
Minecraft Earth Tiles Multiple Selection
Drop Down Menu
  • Save: Save the Tile Selection.
  • Save and close: Save the selection and close the Tile Selection Screen.
  • Clear Selection: Remove the current Tile selection.
  • Load Selection from file: Select an XML file from a specified directory that has a previous Tile section saved. selection-left.xml is often times the remaining Tile Selection which is saved in the case of an interrupted generation.
  • Save Selection to File: Save an XML file with the current selection to a specified directory.
  1. 3.
    Once the selection has been made, left-clicking "Save" to update the selection and then "Close" will keep your choice preserved.
  2. 4.
    Once returning to the main page of the program, you will now notice that the "Tiles selected" amount has changed to our amount, as well as the Estimated world size and that the
    button is now selectable.
Minecraft Earth Tiles Interface - Ready for Generation
  1. 5.
    button can now be pressed to open the below interface, Minecraft Earth Tiles Generation.
Minecraft Earth Tiles Generation Interface
  1. 6.
    The generation can now begin by pressing the
  • Tile
    • Convert pbf
    • N89W180
    • Combining
    • Cleanup
  • Progress
  • Info
  • Open
    • Log File
    • OSM Files
    • Images
    • Batch Files
Opening the top-left dropdown menu will present you with the following options:
Top-Left dropdown menu
  • Open Live Preview: Opens Minutor to show a current preview of the Tiles generating,
  • Create Debug Zip: Used for troubleshooting. Creates a zipped folder that provides important debugging information. Ideal for when seeking help on our Discord.
  • Close: Closes the current menu
The next dropdown menu, Specials presents the following options if you are looking to manually generate or edit script files:
Specials Dropdown
These files will be generated in the folder of your Tiles Installation folder in their respective locations.
  • Batch Files Only: Generate the script's Batch Files Only
  • OSM Files Only: Generate the script's OSM Files Only
  • Images Only: Generate the script's Images Only
  • WorldPainter Files Only: Generate the script's WorldPainter Files Only
  • Combining Only: Generate the script's Combing Process Only
  • Cleanup Only: Genere the script's Cleanup Process Only

In-Process Generation

Completed Tiles Generation

Completed Earth Tiles Generation Message Box