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Free & Paid Versions

This page explains the differences between the two versions of Minecraft Earth Tiles.

This guide was written for Minecraft Earth Tiles version v1.4.5. Other versions may not work properly!

Free Minecraft Earth Tiles

  • Access to every feature
  • Limitation of 25 selected Tiles per Generation
Do you want to become a Supporter in order to get the unlimited Tiles program? Donate at least $10 USD using the following link (You will need to put in your Discord username to receive the role): If you have just joined the Discord server, it may take a little bit until your username is available in the donatebot database. Donating helps us fund the project and is greatly appreciated! Donating is strictly for the project, we do not personally profit from sales.
  • Access to every feature
  • Unlimited Selection of Tiles per Generation
  • Access to two additional channels in the Discord Server and Subscriber Role for advanced development of both Earth Map & Earth Tiles (This is nota paid support, but instead for those who would like to tinker with the program more specifically without interruptions from other users)
  • Direct link access to Map and Tiles downloads without ad-enabled links
Please note: Minecraft Earth Tiles is protected under German Copyright Law and the unauthorized distribution, decompiling, "reverse-engineering" or pirating of the paid program is not allowed! We reserve the right to kick or ban users from this Discord server in case of misbehavior. In this case, the supporter status expires. Only with the @Supporter role you are granted the right to use the Tiles software for commercial purposes.
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