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Map Downloads

All download links are placed behind Adfly or AdFocus links. These are advertisements. On Adfly, click on the small red cross in the top-right corner to skip the ad. On AdFocus, wait until the "Skip"

View the Map Previews below to understand the scale differences!

Ad-links Note: (If applicable) You must download all files for each map, otherwise the download will be incomplete.
View Extracting the Mapson how to properly obtain the map as a world file.
There is a bug where shipwrecks/monuments underwater will cause server threads/game crashes because of treasure maps. The treasurer maps don't have a place to call a home chunk and crash. A workaround with this would be using a Spigot fork such as Paper or Purpur (recommended).

In your paper.yml, switch these variables to these settings:

enable-treasure-maps: false
treasure-maps-return-already-discovered: true

What is the status of 1.19?

Short Answer: Some of the 1.19 maps may contain bugs such as irregular shores. We are currently working on generating the fixes!

1:2000 WWF-Ecoregions Preview


Earth Map Downloads:

Available Scales: 1:500, 1:750, 1:1000, 1:1500, 1:2000, 1:3000, 1:4500, 1:6000, 1:9000 and 1:18000

Info: Scales that are closer to 1:1 are larger maps. E.g. 1:500 is larger than 1:1000.
Minecraft Earth Map Downloads Spreadsheet
View the spreadsheet directly here.

How can I filter and sort the Google Spreadsheet?

Just click on the little arrow on top of any column and sort the table. After clicking once, you can use the little arrows next to the header texts, for example, "Scale" and there you can select and de-select all available scales. Message from Matti: (Sorry for the German text in the image).
Filtering via Google Sheets

Downloads for some of the 1:200 and 1:100 regions can be found here:

Legacy Maps:

Legacy versions of the Minecraft Earth Map, version 1.12.2, at scales of 1:1000, 1:2000, and 1:4000. These maps can alternatively be upgraded using the update script or used on 1.17.10.
These versions are no longer receiving updates or support!

Downloading via command line:

Downloading the Earth Maps via a command line interface slightly presents a difficulty. The following steps below will attempt to aid in this process.
  1. 1.
    Begin by grabbing the MediaFire URL(s) which are used to download the map. These will be the links that the ad links redirect to.
If you are downloading a map with part files, you will need every part file link.
The script we will be using to aid in this process is called mediafire-dland you can visit the repository below for more information.


Make sure to first begin by installing python3 and pip3
Python process borrowed from here. Pip3 Process borrowed from here.
Start by running a repository update:
$ sudo apt update
Install the PPA repository:
$ sudo apt install software-properties-common
Add the Deadsnakes PPA repository:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa
The system will prompt you to press enter to continue. Do so, and allow it to finish. Refresh the package lists again:
$ sudo apt update
Now you can install Python 3.8 (December 2022) with the following command:
$ sudo apt install python3.8
Check whether Python was successfully installed:
$ python --version
If this worked successfully, now install pip3
$ sudo apt-get -y install python3-pip
Verify pip3 was installed successfully:
$ pip3 --version
Proceed by installing the mediafire-dl repository:
$ pip3 install git+

Using mediafire-dl:

  • For single file downloads, type the following, replacing with the MediaFire URL:
$ # mediafire-dl
  • For multi-part downloads, you can type multiple links at a time:
$ # mediafire-dl