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Here you can find the starting information for Minecraft Earth Map.

Minecraft Earth Map

are created Minecraft worlds using the Equirectangular projection of the planet Earth. Created by Matti Borchers, these maps are available for public and private use with downloads available on Matti's website. While there are many variations of Earth Maps for Minecraft, Matti's is the most publicly known and common.
Consumer Notices:
  • Maps may sometimes contain bugs. This just means there is a possibility of a map being corrupted. If you receive and error the first time, please check your installation first. If it is persistent, please let us know at the Earth Map Discord here.
  • Please be patient with support! We are not obligated to help you, but instead, we volunteer time out of our lives to do so. Please be respectful and patient not only while talking to Staff on our Discord but also to other people as well.
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