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Common FAQ

List here are some facts to know about Minecraft Earth Map, as well as questions that often arise.

Do the new maps support modded ores or trees?

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, since the maps are completely pregenerated.

My Earth Map is experiencing corruption.

if you are experiencing a corrupted map, please make sure to check the following, which could be causing the problem:

Not enough disk space

Make sure you have enough disk space on the drive you are downloading the map to. Each map varies with the requirements.

Archive / Map Corruption

First, make sure you downloaded all part files (if applicable) for your map and that they are all the same GB size. The last part file (Last numerical) may be a different size.
If this is not the problem, also make sure none of the files have been renamed. For example, (2) or "- copy" will break the extraction process.

FTP timeout

You may have to upload your map "twice" to ensure all region files copy over successfully.

Host Limit

Some hosts prevent the usage of Earth Maps or have a GB size limit. Make sure this is not the case. We do not offer help for free hosts.
Support for servers using free hosts will not be provided (Aternos, MineHut, etc). Sorry. This is due to the possible chunk corruption and generally associated problems with them.

How can I find End-Portals in the Survival version?

Eyes of Ender and the locate command won't work on custom maps... so you can only keep searching and have the luck finding one or use Minutor/UnMined and overlay strongholds to find portals.

Is there a way to teleport the players from one side to the other to make the world feels round?

Using the "wrap" feature of either Chunky or Worldborder.

Are there structures in the Nether and the End?

Structures will generate in the Survival and Creative versions without doing anything. For the unpopulated version, you need to pregenereate the overworld (using Worldborder or similar Map Borders),
  1. 1.
    Switch the "generate-structures" in the to true
  2. 2.
    "MapFeatures" in the level.dat file to 1 using the NBTExplorer.
  3. 3.
    Delete your DIM1 and DIM-1 (or nether and the end when using Paper)

How do I locate a real-world place on the map?

Depending on your server software, there is a variety of resources to help you out with this. Here is a list.
  • Forge Server: DynmapForge
  • Fabric Server: DynmapForge (Fabric release)
  • Spigot: Dynmap, BlueMap, Pl3xMap
  • Singleplayer Forge: Journey Map, Xaeroes Minimap, FTB Chunks
  • Singleplayer Fabric: Xaeroes Minimap, FTB Chunks
  • Singleplayer Vanilla: Coordinate Calculator and Geography Knowledge

Use this website for the Coordinate Calculator:

Legacy Coordinate Calculator for older maps:

  • Downloadable scales are already pre-defined within the Coordinate Calculator, so all you need to do is select your scale:
Select your scale.
  • Next, by using this website, you can type in the real-world location:
  • The output you are looking for is the Decimal Degrees. Paste them back on the other page in their proper respective location:
  • You should notice after doing this, in-game coordinates are visible below. Either copy these to teleport, (Replace <name> with your in-game username and be aware that the Y-Value, height, is 255) or walk there!

How do I find where I am in real life from in-game coordinates?

How can I upgrade a map to a newer version?

The best way is to use a server, instead of the client. Download the official server.jar from Mojang and start the server with this line:
For Windows:
Copy the below line into a text editor and save the file as "start.bat". Place it in the same folder as the server.jar and execute the *.bat file)
java -Xmx10240M -Xms10240M -jar server.jar nogui --forceUpgrade --eraseCache

How do I set a worldborder / dynmap rendering?

Where is the 1:1 Scale? / Will there be a 1:1 Scale?

Never. There will never be able to be a 1:1 progenerated Earth Map with the current way of doing things and storage space limitations; it would cost an extreme amount of money just to do it and would be extremely flat. Please don't constantly ask about it, it is one of our most commonly asked questions and the answer is the same every time.

Below is an outdated document containing some information:

Legacy Map Information